Blue Pit
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Anna Martynova in Elie Saab Haute Couture © Benjamin Kanarek

Open back + sleeve

Axel Lieber, Fred, 2010.
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“I went from being totally unknown and never acting professionally to being in a major movie and being very famous. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t have any time to work things out. It’s been pretty scary at times.”

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Miniature Calendar (2011-ongoing) by Tanaka Tatsuya

Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once. Broccoli and parsley might sometimes look like a forest, or the tree leaves floating on the surface of the water might sometimes look like little boats. Everyday occurrences seen from a pygmy’s perspective can bring us lots of fun thoughts.

I wanted to take this way of thinking and express it through photographs, so I started to put together a “MINIATURE CALENDAR”. These photographs primarily depict diorama-style figures surrounded by everyday items. Just like a standard daily calendar, the photos are updated daily on my website and SNS page, earning it the name of “MINIATURE CALENDAR”.

It would be great if you could use it to add a little enjoyment to your everyday life.


Matthew Stone, The Unconditional Love Series 
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Ph. Jeanloup Sieff

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Lisbon Booties
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Opaque  by  andbamnan